Top 5 trending skills that you need for a successful Human resource career

Are you interested in the career in human resources (HR) after your graduate OR post-graduate degree? Yes, it definitely demands your responsibility of handling any company’s most critical and sensitive aspects like making hiring and firing decisions, keeping an eye over employees’ welfare & inter-departmental coordination.
Want to know more on the top skills and personal competencies you need for a successful career in HR? Read the following points OR you may join AskSkills HR Generalist & HR Professional courses with the workshop sessions loaded with practical training.

1. Recruitment & Screening – As a major function of the job for many HR’s

You definitely feel like up to the challenge when searching for and attracting new talent required to your company. If need to be able to conveniently connect with others, discover information, communicate clearly and be very active in negotiating deals with candidates to be interviewed or screened. It requires your decisive thinking to review any applicant to go to the next level of interview process.

2. Collaboratively active for Employee Relations – A need for a satisfied & professional work culture

Being able to work well with a range of people both within and outside of the organization & professionalism to secure employee-employer relationships are also the must skills to be there in HR candidates.
You need to be able to identify, analyze the information and resolve employee concerns. Your strong communication & interpersonal skills, expressing concern for others, treating people with respect would encourage teamwork and supporting your fellow employees at building good relationships and a happy work culture within the organization.

3. Performance management & HRM skill

Performance management involves tasks such setting expectations for employees, monitoring performance, developing their capacity to perform, and rating performance. Through performance management skills, HR involves company’s employees to improve effectiveness towards the accomplishment of future team/individual goals. You need to be able to learn to communicate clearly, in writing or through verbal medium.
To improve your HRM abilities and communication skills, you may also take help of professional courses in your city.

4. Driven-to-Deliver & Highly Organized Skills

You need to be a role model for employees in your organization. You need to make sure that employees at all levels of the company have the skills needed to contribute to the organization’s goals. Motivating people in your organization to grow and learn; is also an important responsibility.
Employees would also expect you be highly organized, punctual & of good administrative skills. Apart from this, patience and integrity in your behavior plays a major role to be a good HR for your organization.

5. Good knowledge of HR Function supporting Software & Social Media

Nowadays, internet & online platforms has the changed the face of traditional HR practices. Trending HR jobs demand an intersection of above discussed HR qualities and IT technology/software knowledge. Use of IT in HR function makes the job responsibility & KRA lighter, easier and efficient.
There are many software available e.g.HR Payroll Systems defines HRIS (also known as HRMS), Application Tracking software which can also be customized & developed by different companies as per their need.
Apart from this, being present online on social platforms shows you more visible & interactive.It also facilitates you to seek out or screen potential job candidates for the smooth HR functions.

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